February 10, 2020
The Wales Coast Path is the longest continuous coastal path in the world, running the entire length of the welsh coastline: all 870 miles (1,400km) of it. It is stunningly beautiful, and every cove and clifftop comes with legends of pirates and smugglers, wreckers and saints, lost villages and sand-swamped castles – and around 230 beaches. Off the coast, 50 islands teem with birds, while the waters are home to seals, porpoises and the UK’s largest pod of dolphins. The Coastal Way runs the entire length of Cardigan Bay. It’s a 180-mile (290km) odyssey that threads between blue seas on one side and big mountains on the other. It only takes 4.5 hours to drive from the north coast of the Llyn Peninsula to St. David’s in the far west of Pembrokeshire. Whilst driving is one way to do it, there are others – you could walk it, bike it, bus it, take the train (steam or standard), paddle, sail or kitesurf. It’s quite a long swim, though. The Pembrokeshire Coast Path is especially well served by a network of tourist buses, The Poppit Rocket and Puffin Shuttle. The Wales Coast Path website is your best bet for a complete overview. Whichever way you decide to travel, there’s plenty of options along The Coastal Way Yr Hafan is ideally placed to either start or end your journey exploring this stunning coastal route and the Preseli Hills. Go to for more details

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